Install Latest Version of OpenOffice on Ubuntu 14.10


OpenOffice is an open source office software suite which provides Word Processor as Writer, spreadsheet as Calc , presentation PPT application as Impress, drawing tool as Draw, a Mathematical tools as Math and Database management application as Base. OpenOffice is developed and maintained be “Apache Software Foundation”. It is available for Linux Like operating system, […]

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Ubuntu apt-get & apt-cache commands with practical examples


Apt-get & apt-cache are the command line package management utility in Ubuntu Linux. GUI version of apt-get command is the Synaptic Package Manager, in this post we are going to discuss 15 different examples of apt-get & apt-cache commands. Example:1 List of all the available packages linuxtechi@localhost:~$ apt-cache pkgnames account-plugin-yahoojp ceph-fuse dvd+rw-tools e3 gnome-commander-data grub-gfxpayload-lists […]

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Install VLC Multimedia player on Ubuntu 14.10


VLC (VideoLan) is a portable & an open source multimedia player available for like Linux like operating system, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and android. VLC plays our favorite audio and video files, it can play various audio & video formats such as mpeg, divx, mov, mp3, mp4, dvd, vcd, wmv and quicktime. In this post […]

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Install KVM (Kernel Based Virtual Machine) On Ubuntu Server 14.04 / 14.10


KVM stands for Kernel Based Virtual Machine, it is a Kernel based virtualization software available in Linux like operating system. KVM is used to create and manage virtual machines and it works only if the CPU has a support of hardware Virtualization. Use the below command to check whether your system’s CPU support hardware virtualization. […]

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